Appropriations Committee
March 5, 2003-8:00A

    For:      Bristow, Bill (Cooke, Fannin & Grayson County;
                   Department of Juvenile Services)
              Dominguez, Sylvia (Dallas County Juvenile Department,
                   Special Needs Diversionary Program)
              Dublin, D'Ann (Dallas County Juvenile Department)
              Martin, James (Texas Probation Association)
              McDaniel, Gary (DALLAS METROCARE SERVICES)
              Mendez, Teri S. (Dallas County Juvenile Department)
              Meurer, Judge W. Jeanne (Travis County Juvenile Board)
              Sauermann, Al (Dallas County Special Needs Diversionary
              Swanson, Christine (Self)
              Torres, Orlando (36th Judicial Dist. Probation Dept.;
                   Juvenile Justice Association of Texas)
              Torres, Orlando (cont'd) (Self and Aransas, Bee, Live
                   Oak, McMullen, and San Patricio Counties)
              Trevino, Cynthia (Self)
              Whitney, John (Self)
              Zuniga, Nora (Self)
    Against:  Breland, Judge Jan (Self)
              Dufour, Deacon, Doots (Catholic Diocese of Austin)
              Enax, Mike (Harris County CSCD)
              Harrell, Will (ACLU of Texas;  LULAC Texas;  NAACP
              Kimbrough, Joy Ann (Self)
              Lovelace, Joe (National Alliance for the Mentally
              Luna, Eva (Juvenile Justice)
              Luna, Rick (Rick Luna, Jr.)
              Rangel, Fred (Probation Advisory Committee of the
                   Judicial Advisory Council of TDCJ)
              Skelton, Sandy (Texas Council of Community MHMR Centers)
              Triana, Gisela (Self)
              Wilmoth, John A. (38th Judicial District CSCD)
              Zinsmeyer, Rick (Self and Williamson County Adult
                   Probation Department)
    On:       Brown, Jr., Melvin (Self and Texas Probation
                   Association; Montgomery County CSCD)
              Creuzot, John (Self and Criminal Justice Advisory
              Fabelo, Dr. Tony (Criminal Justice Policy Council)
              Garrett, Gerald (Texas Board of Pardons & Paroles)
              Johnson, Gary L. (Department of Criminal Justice)
              Keller, Sharon (Judicial Advisory Committee - CJAD;
                   Court of Criminal Appeals)
              Kifowit, Dee (Texas Department of Criminal Justice;
                   Texas Council on Offenders with Mental Impairments)
              Robinson, Steve (Texas Youth Commission)
              Simpson, Dee (American Federation of State, County and
                   Municipal Employees Correction Council of Texas)
              Spriggs, Vicki (Juvenile Probation Commission)