Agriculture & Livestock Committee
July 14, 2004-9:00A

Interim Charge #2
    On:       Berger, Mike (Texas Parks & Wildlife Department)
              Durocher, Phil (Texas Parks & Wildlife Department)

Interim Charge #2-Brush Control
    On:       Austin, Barney (Texas Water Development Board)
              Brown, Kirby (Texas Wildlife Association)
              Cook, Robert (Texas Parks & Wildlife Department)
              DeLoach, Culver "Jack" (USDA - ARS)
              Isom, Rex (Texas State Soil & Water Conservation Board)
              Langford, David (Texas Wildlife Association)
              Manning, Steve (Self)
              McGinty, Allan (Texas Cooperative Extension)
              Oswald, Johnny (Texas State Soil & Water Conservation
              Powell, James (Self)
              Whitson, Bob (Texas Agricultural Experiment Station)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    On:       Smith, Ed (Texas Cooperative Extension)

Office of Rural Community Affairs
    On:       Huff, Jim (Live Oak County)
              Tessen, Sam (Office of Rural Community Affairs)

Texas Animal Health Commission
    On:       Coats, Jr., Max (Texas Animal Health Commission)
              Hillman, Bob (Texas Animal Health Commission)