Agriculture & Livestock Committee
April 3, 2003-8:00A

HB 1148
    On:       Bergeron, Stephanie (Texas Commission on Environmental

HB 2328
    For:      Grimm, James (Texas Poultry Fed)
              Turner, Bob (Texas Poultry Federation)
    Against:  Lewis, Gib (Self and Exotic Wildlife Assoc)
    On:       Coats, Jr. DVM, Max E (Texas Animal Health Comm)
              Hammond, Bruce (Texas Animal Health Commission)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    For:      Cowan, John (Texas Association of Dairymen)

HB 2918
    Against:  Webb, Bill (Rural Fire Advisory Council; Etoile VFD)
    On:       Young, Bobby R. (Texas Forest Service)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    Against:  Fisher, Mike (Self and Texas Rural Fire Advisory

HB 2936
    For:      Allgood, Mark (Self)
              Ethridge, Mayor, Linda (City of Waco)
              Garrett, Ricky (City of Waco)
              Miertschin, James (City of Waco)
              Wallace, Bob (Waco Water Quality Task Force (Chamber))
    Against:  Cowan, John (Texas Association of Dairymen)
              DeJong, William (Self)
              Mullin, Norman (Self)
              Turley, Darren (Self and Texas Farm Bureau)
    On:       Vickery, Mark (Texas Commission on Environmental
  Registering, but not testifying:
    For:      Goleman, Kinnan (City of Waco)
              Groth, Larry D. (Self)
              Herbert, Toni (City of Waco, TX)
              Holze, Larry (Self)
              Jackson, Dr. Mae (Self)
              Jones, Annette (City of Waco)
              McAtee, Win (City of Waco)
              Stem, Wiley (Self)
              Wallace, Nena (Waco Water Quality Task Force)
              Wiland, Bruce (City of Waco)
              Wilkins, Amanda (Public Citizen)
    Against:  Grimm, James (Texas Poultry Federation)
              Horton, Ken (Texas Pork Producers Association)
              Terrell, James (Select Milk Producers, Inc.)
              Turner, Bob (Texas Poultry Federation)
              Wilson, Ross (Texas Cattle Feeders Association)
    On:       Cowan, Mike (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality)
              Sidnell, Jennifer (TCEQ)

HB 2943
    For:      Estes, Harold (Self and Texas Timberjack Inc.)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    For:      Hufford, Ron (Texas Forestry Association)
              Hull, Sharon (Southwestern Assn)
              Turner, Bob (Texas Sheep & Goat Raisers Assn)