NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Veteran Affairs & Military Installations

TIME & DATE:  1:30PM Or upon adjournment
             Wednesday, May 7, 2003

PLACE: Betty King Committee Room

CHAIR: Senator Leticia Van de Putte


HB 174            Howard / et al.          SP: Estes
Relating to benefits for members of the state military forces
called to active state duty.

HB 405            Miller                   SP: Fraser
Relating to resident tuition for military personnel and their

HB 545            Wohlgemuth               SP: Wentworth
Relating to military discharge records that are recorded with or
otherwise in the possession of a governmental body.

HB 591            Delisi                   SP: Fraser
Relating to public school admission of military personnel and
dependents under reciprocity agreements between states.

HB 1221            Telford                  SP: Van de Putte
Relating to an exclusion from unemployment compensation chargebacks
based on a separation from employment resulting from an employer
being called to active military duty.