NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING


TIME & DATE:  8:30AM, Thursday, April 24, 2003

PLACE: E1.036

CHAIR: Senator Teel Bivins

To consider the following:

SB 480            Madla
Relating to excepting certain land from the additional tax imposed
on the change of use of land appraised for ad valorem tax purposes
as open-space land.

SB 502            Armbrister
Relating to criminal and civil fees remitted to the comptroller of
public accounts.

SB 657            Brimer
Relating to the treatment of captured appraised value and tax
increment in the calculation of ad valorem tax rates for a taxing

SB 658            Brimer
Relating to making permanent the exemption from ad valorem taxation
of motor vehicles leased for personal use.

SB 823            Fraser
Relating to administration of the sales and use tax and compliance
with the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement.

SB 832            Staples
Relating to the period for the redemption of a mineral interest
sold for unpaid ad valorem taxes at a tax sale.

SB 1170            Janek
Relating to the administration of the medical assistance program.

SB 1364            Staples
Relating to the additional tax imposed on land appraised for ad
valorem taxation as timber land that is claimed as part of a
residence homestead or diverted to certain other uses.

SB 1522            Zaffirini
Relating to the continuous eligibility of children for medical
assistance benefits.

SB 1543            Janek
Relating to exempting a facility used as an actual place of
religious worship from ad valorem taxation.

SB 1646            Staples
Relating to the ad valorem tax appraisal of qualified timber land.

SB 1664            Averitt
Relating to private activity bonds.

SCR 1            Estes / et al.
Memorializing Congress to restore the federal income tax
deductibility of state and local sales taxes.



SB 1543
SB 1646