NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Education

TIME & DATE:  8:30AM, Tuesday, May 20, 2003

PLACE: E1.028

CHAIR: Senator Florence Shapiro

I.    Call to Order

II.   Roll Call

III.  Approval of Minutes

IV.   The Committee will consider the following:

HB 264            Brown, Fred              SP: Hinojosa
Relating to supplemental contributions to the optional retirement
program by institutions of higher education.

HB 447            Hochberg                 SP: Zaffirini
Relating to state assessment of academic skills of public school
students in special education programs.

HB 577            King                     SP: Estes
Relating to the service area of the Weatherford College District.

HB 693            Van Arsdale              SP: Zaffirini
Relating to funding for school districts that accept students using
a public education grant.

HB 944            King                     SP: Estes
Relating to the admission to public institutions of higher
education of students with nontraditional secondary educations.

HB 1518            Dutton                   SP: West
Relating to accountability for public school dropouts and students
at risk of dropping out of school and to the evaluation of school

HB 1619            Laubenberg               SP: Estes
Relating to tuition payments by certain school districts.

HB 1817            Ritter                   SP: Duncan
Relating to student fees at institutions in the Texas State
University System.

HB 1844            Grusendorf               SP: Shapiro
Relating to a program under which classroom teachers are reimbursed
for personal funds expended on classroom supplies.

HB 1882            Deshotel                 SP: Lucio
Relating to incentives for certain high schools and high school
students to participate in the Early High School Graduation
Scholarship program.

HB 1887            Morrison                 SP: Ratliff
Relating to funds received by institutions of higher education to
cover overhead expenses of conducting research.

HB 2823            Eissler                  SP: Shapiro
Relating to individual transition plans for certain students
receiving special education services.

HB 3015            Morrison                 SP: Shapiro
Relating to the tuition charged and financial assistance funded by
tuition charged to students of institutions of higher education and
to a study of the accessibility and availability of graduate and
professional programs.

V.   Pending:

HB 318            Grusendorf               SP: Shapiro
Relating to certification to teach school of individuals who hold
bachelor's degrees.

HB 1406            Brown, Betty             SP: Staples
Relating to a recommendation by a school district employee
concerning a use of a psychotropic drug by a student or psychiatric
evaluation or examination of a student and to refusal by a parent
or certain other person to consent to administration of a
psychotropic drug to a student or to psychiatric evaluation or
examination of a student.

VI.   Recess



HB 264
HB 447
HB 577
HB 693
HB 944
HB 1518
HB 1619
HB 1817
HB 1844
HB 1882
HB 2823
HB 318
HB 1406