NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Education

TIME & DATE:  8:30AM, Thursday, April 24, 2003

PLACE: Capitol Extension E1.012

CHAIR: Senator Florence Shapiro

I.    Call to Order

II.   Roll Call

III.  Approval of Minutes

IV.   The Committee will consider the following:

SB 1357            Nelson
Relating to the PEIMS Report.

SB 1849            Staples
Relating to school district purchasing contracts.

HB 242            Seaman / et al.          SP: Van de Putte
Relating to career and technology education and training.

HB 319            Grusendorf               SP: Shapiro
Relating to the objectives of public education.

HB 1022            Eissler                  SP: Williams
Relating to employment status and contract entitlements of public
school educators who fail to obtain appropriate certification.

HB 1024            Crownover                SP: Shapiro
Relating to staff development requirements in public schools.

HB 1295            Hochberg                 SP: Shapiro
Relating to the total amount of public school bonds that may be
guaranteed by the permanent school fund.

V.     Pending Business:

SB 206            Ellis, Rodney
Relating to the composition of the permanent school fund and the
available school fund and to transfers from the permanent school
fund to the available school fund.

SJR 13            Ellis, Rodney
Proposing a constitutional amendment relating to the use of income
and appreciation of the permanent school fund.

VI.    Subcommittee Reports:

SB 1642            Staples
Relating to the establishment of a geriatric education and care
research center at The University of Texas Health Science Center at

HB 1055            Luna / et al.            SP: Hinojosa
Relating to an intercollegiate athletics fee at Texas A&M
University--Corpus Christi.

VII.   Recess