NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Education

TIME & DATE:  8:30AM, Thursday, April 3, 2003

PLACE: Capitol Extension E1.012

CHAIR: Senator Florence Shapiro

I.    Call to Order

II.   Roll Call

III.  Approval of Minutes

IV.   The Committee will consider the following:

SB 251            Lucio
Relating to a school district policy concerning the use of school
counselors' work time.

SB 1096            Van de Putte
Relating to the finality of a grade issued by a public school

SB 1109            Shapiro
Relating to revocation of the certificate and termination of the
employment of public school educators convicted of certain

SB 1359            Lindsay
Relating to providing notice concerning certain school district

SB 1373            Shapiro
Relating to accreditation of public school districts.

SB 1488            Ogden
Relating to the abuse of a child by an employee of a school
district, open-enrollment charter school, regional education
service center, or shared services arrangement

SB 1510            Zaffirini
Relating to monitoring compliance of public school bilingual
education and special language programs.

SB 1624            Bivins
Relating to security requirements for the deposit of school
district funds.

V.    Pending Business:

SB 933            Shapiro
Relating to charter schools, including virtual charter schools, of
public colleges and universities.

VI.   Recess



SB 1510
SB 933