NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Law Enforcement

TIME & DATE:  2:30PM or upon final adjourn./recess
             Monday, April 14, 2003

PLACE: E1.014

CHAIR: Rep. Joe Driver


HB 3206            King
Relating to the funding of traffic enforcement through the state
highway fund and increased traffic fines and fees.

HB 383            Dutton / et al.
Relating to citation and arrest for a Class C misdemeanor.

HB 244            Allen
Relating to the publication of information regarding certain
registered sex offenders.

HB 1382            Solis
Relating to the powers, protections, and immunities of a
commissioned law enforcement officer of the National Park Service.

HB 1104            Capelo
Relating to peace officers commissioned and employed to perform
duties at correctional facilities.

HB 1611            Riddle
Relating to the civil and criminal consequences of a person's
refusal to consent to the taking of a blood or breath specimen to
test for intoxication.

HB 1682            Stick
Relating to the authority of certain peace officers during an

HB 2751            Hegar
Relating to the imposition of a civil penalty or a sanction on
certain driving safety courses.

HB 3103            Garza
Relating to re-codification issues and the deletion of outdated