NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Law Enforcement

TIME & DATE:  2:30PM or upon final adjourn./recess
             Monday, March 24, 2003

PLACE: E1.014

CHAIR: Rep. Joe Driver


HB 1310            Pitts
Relating to authorizing the Texas Department of Public Safety to
enter into contracts for the periodic reporting of certain
information in the department's driver's license files to certain
other persons.

HB 1458            Eiland
Relating to criminal obstruction of or retaliation against an
honorably retired peace officer.

HB 778            Naishtat
Relating to the offense of interference with an emergency telephone

HB 476            Farrar / et al.
Relating to requiring as a condition of release on parole,
mandatory supervision, or community supervision that sex offenders
not reside in proximity with other sex offenders.

HB 1661            Haggerty
Relating to the carrying of certain weapons by a person who holds a
security officer commission issued by the Texas Commission on
Private Security.

HB 1141            Riddle
Relating to the persons authorized to draw a blood specimen from a
vehicle operator to test for alcohol concentration or other
intoxicating substances.