NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Public Education

TIME & DATE:  2:00PM or upon final adjourn./recess
             Tuesday, April 29, 2003

PLACE: E2.036

CHAIR: Rep. Kent Grusendorf


HB 95            McClendon / et al.
Relating to the first day of instruction of a school year for
public school students.

HB 336            Olivo / et al.
Relating to the requirements for a high school diploma.

HB 337            Olivo / et al.
Relating to alternative compensatory criteria for promotion to
certain grade levels in public school.

HB 430            Riddle
Relating to service of public school superintendents, principals,
assistant principals, and other senior administrators as substitute

HB 605            Mowery
Relating to the number of administrators employed by a school
district and the salaries paid to those persons.

HB 606            Mowery
Relating to a state allotment to school districts for teacher

HB 1062            Bonnen
Relating to public school finance.

HB 1073            Howard
Relating to parental notice of supplemental presentations at public

HB 1206            Dukes
Relating to the establishment of a Higher Education Is In Your
Future week in certain public schools.

HB 1227            Eissler
Relating to public school district eligibility for state assistance
under the existing debt allotment.

HB 1352            Uresti
Relating to safety equipment provisions in contracts for
construction, repair, rehabilitation, or alteration of public
school facilities.

HB 1728            Griggs
Relating to attendance by the superintendent of a school district
at a closed meeting of the board of trustees of the district.

HB 2221            Pickett
Relating to school district trustee training.

HB 2635            Madden / et al.
Relating to the cost of education adjustment for a school district
that participates in the social security system.

HB 2648            Dutton
Relating to duties outside the regular hours of instruction for
public school teachers.

HB 2939            McReynolds
Relating to service of certain public school administrators as
classroom teachers.

HB 3101            Garza
Relating to use of certain public school funds for dual language
immersion programs.

HB 3105            Canales
Relating to certain enrollment status information included in the
Public Education Information Management System.

HB 3382            Merritt
Relating to public school finance.

HJR 8            Merritt
Proposing a constitutional amendment relating to establishing the
Texas Great Teachers & Facilities Fund as a sequestered fund,
funded by dedicated sales tax revenue, and providing for mandatory
ad valorem property tax relief.

HJR 24            Pickett
Proposing a constitutional amendment authorizing elections for the
recall of independent school district trustees.