NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Land & Resource Management

TIME & DATE: 10:00AM, Monday, March 24, 2003

PLACE: E2.012

CHAIR: Rep. Anna Mowery

The Commmittee will meet to consider the following:

HB 1129            Farrar
Relating to the types of restrictions that may be enforced by
certain municipalities.

HB 1454            Eiland
Relating to powers of a property owners' association relating to
restrictive covenants in certain subdivisions.

HB 1456            Eiland
Relating to the share of the cost of a coastal erosion study or
project required to be paid by a qualified project partner under an
agreement with the commissioner of the General Land Office.

HB 1457            Eiland
Relating to the authorization of the imposition of a temporary
prohibition on enforcement of the law governing access to public
beaches following a meteorological event.

HB 1563            Casteel
Relating to charitable contributions by state employees to the
General Land Office's Adopt-A-Map/Adopt-A-Document Program.

HB 1679            Brown, Betty
Relating to the review of a proposed municipal annexation that
prevents another  municipality from engaging in any significant
future annexation.

HB 1680            Stick
Relating to the ad valorem tax rate imposed by municipalities on
property in certain municipal utility districts and to
disannexation following a failure to set that rate.

HB 2130            Kuempel
Relating to certain exemptions from requirements applicable to
local permits.