HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                          NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Environmental Regulation

TIME & DATE:  2:00PM or upon final adjourn./recess
             Tuesday, April 8, 2003

PLACE: E1.014

CHAIR: Rep. Dennis Bonnen


HB 638            Chisum
Relating to emissions reductions incentives and the emissions
reductions incentives account.

HB 1021            Villarreal
Relating to illegal dumping on railroad rights-of-way; creating a

HB 1063            Smith, Wayne
Relating to compliance histories for and incentives to reward
compliance performance by entities regulated by the Texas
Commission on Environmental Quality.

HB 1287            Chisum
Relating to the location and operation of concrete crushing

HB 2230            Turner
Relating to the imposition of an excessive emissions events fee to
support air quality monitoring at certain schools.

HB 2252            Flores
Relating to exemptions for certain individuals from cost recovery
actions and liens placed on homesteads by the Texas Commission on
Environmental Quality.

HB 2490            Callegari / et al.
Relating to the location of certain concrete and asphalt plants.

HB 2514            Canales
Relating to the penalty for littering.

HB 2877            Bonnen / et al.
Relating to the permitting procedures of the Texas Commission on
Environmental Quality.

HB 2878            Bonnen
Relating to transportation rates between a gas utility or
municipally owned utility and a state agency.

HB 2940            McReynolds
Relating to the funding of the administrative costs of the Texas
Environmental Education Partnership Fund Board.

HB 3152            Bonnen
Relating to the potability of and requirements for removing
contaminants from groundwater.

HB 3157            Bonnen
Relating to the regulation of the disposal of solid waste.

HB 1960            Chisum
Relating to authorizing the Texas Commission on Environmental
Quality to enter into voluntary emissions reduction agreements with
owners of stationary sources or groups of stationary sources.

Although written testimony will not be considered as part of the record,
persons wishing to distribute handouts may do so by providing no fewer
than 15 copies to the Clerk when called to testify.



HB 2874