HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                          NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Elections

TIME & DATE:  8:00AM or upon final adjourn./recess
             Wednesday, March 26, 2003

PLACE: E2.012

CHAIR: Rep. Mary Denny


HB 672            Madden
Relating to the compensation of a county chair who is not present
at a central counting station.

HB 1068            Howard
Relating to a challenge of a voter's registration.

HB 1695            Denny
Relating to certain election processes and procedures.

HB 1696            Denny
Relating to the hours of service of a poll watcher on election day.

HB 1697            Denny
Relating to recounts of elections in which direct recording
electronic voting machines were used.

HB 1943            Howard
Relating to the payment of postage on voter registration

HB 1975            Deshotel
Relating to providing a physical address for an application or
ballot to be delivered to the early voting clerk.

HB 1983            Deshotel
Relating to a challenge to a person voting by mail in an election.

HB 1173            Madden
Relating to the use of a building on a federal military base or
facility as a polling place in an election.

HB 1174            Brown, Betty
Relating to the election officers that serve a branch polling place
during the early voting period.

HB 1517            Jones, Jesse
Relating to the posting of a list of voters' rights at a polling

HB 1597            Madden
Relating to the use of federal write-in absentee ballots by
military and overseas personnel.

HB 2064            Bohac
Relating to the procedure for returning an application for an early
voting ballot.

HB 2093            Harper-Brown
Relating to electioneering regulations during early voting.

HB 2094            Harper-Brown
Relating to the definition of providing assistance to a voter.

HB 2149            Denny
Relating to notice of an investigation of criminal conduct in
connection with an election.

HB 2150            Denny
Relating to the date on which the period for early voting by
personal appearance begins.

HB 2151            Denny
Relating to the petition requirements for and conduct of various

HB 2152            Denny
Relating to automatic recounts of certain majority vote elections.

HB 2153            Denny
Relating to filing a voting system equipment contract with the
secretary of state.

HB 2154            Denny
Relating to appealing certain decisions of an election judge at a
polling place.

HB 2155            Denny
Relating to the use of mobile telephones in a polling place.