HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                          NOTICE OF FORMAL MEETING

COMMITTEE: Appropriations-S/C on General Government

TIME & DATE: (see below)
             Wednesday, February 26, 2003

PLACE: E1.018

CHAIR: Rep. Joseph Pickett

The subcommittee on General Government will have a formal meeting upon
adjournment/recess of the Appropriations Committee public hearing, February
26, 2003.

For informational purposes the subcommittee anticipates consideration of
the following agencies:

*Department of Agriculture
*Animal Health Commission
*General Land Office
*Trusteed Programs General Land Office
*Texas Council on Environmental Technology
*Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
*Parks and Wildlife Commission
*Railroad Commission
*River Compact Commissions
*Soil and Water Conservation Board
*Water Development Board
*Texas Aerospace Commission
*Department of Economic Development
*Department of Housing and Community Affairs
*Office of Rural and Community Affairs
*Lottery Commission
*Department of Transportation
*Workforce Commission