Subcommittee on Agriculture 
                            Thursday, September 16, 2004 
                                     2:30 p.m. 
                           Capitol Extension, Room E1.016 
         Pursuant to a notice posted in accordance with Senate Rule  
         11.18, a public hearing of the Subcommittee on Agriculture was  
         held on Thursday, September 16, 2004, in the Capitol Extension,  
         Room E1.016, at Austin, Texas. 
         MEMBERS PRESENT:                        MEMBERS ABSENT: 
         Senator Mike Jackson                    Senator Craig Estes 
                                                 Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr. 
         The chair called the meeting to order at 2:38 p.m.  The  
         following business was transacted:   
         The Chair laid out Charge 1 for invited testimony and recognized  
         Dr. Bob Hillman, the Executive Director of the Texas Animal  
         Health Commission, to speak on animal diseases.  Next, the Chair  
         recognized Bill Mullican, Deputy Executive Administrator for  
         Planning of the Texas Water Development Board, to discuss the  
         Agricultural Water Conservation Demonstration Initiative.  This  
         item was supposed to be discussed under Charge 2, but due to a  
         scheduling conflict the Chair recognized Mr. Mullican out of  
         order from the agenda.  Along with Charge 1, the Chair heard  
         from Dr. Tom Shotwell on fire ant control.   
         The Chair recognized Mr. Martin Hubert, the Deputy Commissioner  
         of the Texas Department of Agriculture, to explain ways the  
         department aids in prevention and exclusion of diseased plants.   
         Following Mr. Hubert's testimony, the Chair recognized Dr. Ed  
         Hellman, Associate Professor and Viticulture Specialist of Texas  
         Tech University and Texas A&M University, to discuss the effects  
         of Pierce's Disease.  The Chair then recognized Mr. Bob Avant,  
         Executive Director of the Texas Food and Fiber Commission, to  
         explain the agency's request of consolidation with the Texas  
         Department of Agriculture.   
         The Chair laid out Charge 2 for invited testimony and recognized  
         Dr. Mark McLellan, Director of the Institute of Food Science and  
         Engineering at Texas A&M University, to explain value-added food  
         processing.  The Chair recognized Dr. Mark Holtzapple, Professor  
         at Texas A&M University, to discuss bio-fuels.  The Chair then  
         recognized Scott Storment, Senior Officer of Project Development  
         for the North American Development Bank.   
         The Chair opened the floor to public testimony.  The Chair  
         acknowledged Angela Lucas of the Texas Animal Health Commission  
         as a resource witness.  The Chair recognized Tracy Woody,  
         General Manager of Jeri's Seafood Oyster Industry.  The Chair  
         closed public testimony.   
         There being no further business, at 5:00 p.m. Senator Jackson  
         moved that the Committee stand recessed subject to the call of  
         the chair.  
         Senator Mike Jackson, Chair 
         Holly Jeffcoat, Clerk