The House Committee on Local & Consent Calendars 
         78th Legislature 
         May 26, 2003 
         8:00 a.m. 
         Capitol Extension, E2.024 
         Pursuant to a notice posted on May 21, 2003, the House Committee  
         on Local & Consent Calendars met in a formal meeting and was  
         called to order by the chair, Representative Reyna, at 8:03 a.m. 
         The roll was answered as follows: 
         Present:  Representatives Reyna; Deshotel; Baxter; Callegari;  
                   Cook, Robby; Hope; Howard (7). 
         Absent:   Representatives Jones, Elizabeth; Kolkhorst; Rose;  
                   Solis (4). 
         A quorum was present. 
         (8:08 a.m. Representative Jones, Elizabeth now present.) 
         (8:11 a.m. Representative Solis now present.) 
         Representative Deshotel moved that the floor amendments to SB19,  
         SB88, SB103, SB315, SB392, SB463, SB895, SB1000, SB1007, SB1154,  
         SB1262, SB1281(1), SB1281(2), SB1382, SB1387, SB1582, SB1615,  
         SB1659, SB1670, SB1705, SB1708, SB1826, SB1902 be approved to be  
         offered during consideration of the Local, Consent, and  
         Resolutions Calendar for Wednesday, May 28, 2003.  The motion  
         prevailed without objection. 
         (8:19 a.m. Representative Rose now present.) 
         Representative Reyna moved that the following measures not be  
         placed on the calendar at this time:  SB304, SB1118, SB1174,  
         SB1533, SB1553, SB1632, SB1751, SB1918, SCR55.  
         The motion prevailed without objection. 
         Representative Deshotel moved to place the following measures on  
         the Local, Consent, and Resolutions Calendar for Wednesday, May  
         28, 2003:  HCR208, HCR218, HCR256, HR1079, SB5, SB6, SB18, SB19,  
         SB20, SB24, SB25, SB51, SB88, SB92, SB103, SB113, SB115, SB140,  
         SB176, SB203, SB216, SB245, SB258, SB292, SB315, SB322, SB325,  
         SB356, SB373, SB392, SB439, SB463, SB467, SB480, SB485, SB487,  
         SB494, SB581, SB582, SB599, SB613, SB637, SB674, SB681, SB688,  
         SB709, SB739, SB741, SB757, SB767, SB769, SB791, SB802, SB805,  
         SB810, SB815, SB837, SB841, SB879, SB891, SB895, SB902, SB905,  
         SB921, SB923, SB968, SB972, SB1000, SB1007, SB1019, SB1038,  
         SB1053, SB1073, SB1082, SB1105, SB1107, SB1109, SB1114, SB1117,  
         SB1120, SB1127, SB1128, SB1129, SB1143, SB1154, SB1155, SB1159,  
         SB1161, SB1165, SB1180, SB1192, SB1207, SB1215, SB1225, SB1230,  
         SB1245, SB1252, SB1262, SB1273, SB1276, SB1281, SB1288, SB1315,  
         SB1318, SB1343, SB1362, SB1367, SB1382, SB1387, SB1388, SB1419,  
         SB1459, SB1460, SB1461, SB1463, SB1465, SB1470, SB1472, SB1481,  
         SB1484, SB1488, SB1494, SB1521, SB1546, SB1551, SB1559, SB1570,  
         SB1571, SB1582, SB1614, SB1633, SB1642, SB1643, SB1659, SB1665,  
         SB1670, SB1700, SB1705, SB1708, SB1725, SB1729, SB1748, SB1765,  
         SB1782, SB1784, SB1794, SB1803, SB1804, SB1805, SB1807, SB1811,  
         SB1820, SB1826, SB1876, SB1885, SB1888, SB1897, SB1899, SB1902,  
         SB1903, SB1904, SB1912, SB1915, SB1923, SB1925, SB1928, SB1930,  
         SB1932, SB1933, SB1935, SB1936, SB1940, SB1941, SB1944, SB1948,  
         SB1955, SCR20, SCR49, SCR51.  
         The motion prevailed by the following record vote:  
         Ayes:               Representatives Reyna; Deshotel; Baxter;  
                             Callegari; Cook, Robby; Hope; Howard; Jones,  
                             Elizabeth; Rose; Solis (10).  
         Nays:               None (0).  
         Present, Not Voting:     None  (0).  
         Absent:        Representative Kolkhorst  (1).  
         At 8:22 a.m., on the motion of the chair and without objection,  
         the meeting was adjourned subject to the call of the chair. 
         Rep. Reyna, Chair 
         Bruce Bishop, Clerk