The House Committee on Appropriations 
         78th Legislature 
         March 30, 2003 
         1:00 p.m. 
         Capitol Extension, E1.030 
         Pursuant to a suspension of the 5-day posting rule on March 28,  
         2003, the House Committee on Appropriations met in a public  
         hearing and was called to order by the chair, Representative  
         Heflin, at 1:07 p.m. 
         The roll was answered as follows: 
         Present:  Representatives Heflin; Berman; Brown, Betty; Brown,  
                   Fred; Davis, John; Dukes; Eiland; Ellis; Hope; Hupp;  
                   Jones, Elizabeth; Menendez; Pickett; Stick; Truitt;  
                   Wohlgemuth (16). 
         Absent:   Representatives Luna; Branch; Crownover; Deshotel;  
                   Gutierrez; Hamric; Isett; Kolkhorst; McClendon; Pitts;  
                   Raymond; Solis; Turner (13). 
         A quorum was present. 
         Testimony was taken.  (See attached witness list.) 
         (Representative Kolkhorst now present.)(Representative Pitts now  
         (Representative Crownover now present.)(Representative Turner  
         now present.)(Representative Deshotel now  
         present.)(Representative Hamric now present.)(Representative  
         McClendon now present.)(Representative Luna now present.) 
         (Representative Turner in chair.) 
         (Representative Raymond now present.) 
         (Representative Heflin in chair.)(Representative Luna in chair.) 
         (Representative Branch now present.) 
         (Representative Heflin in chair.)(Representative Luna in  
         chair.)(Representative Heflin in chair.) 
         At 8:13 p.m., on the motion of the chair and without objection,  
         the meeting was adjourned until 8:00 a.m., March 31, 2003. 
         Rep. Heflin, Chair 
         Angela Pena, Clerk