Prompt Payment of Health Care Providers Committee
April 2, 2002 - 9:30A

Prompt Payment of Health Care Provi
       FOR:       Bogard, Ramona Managed Care Director (North Texas
                         Heart Center), Dallas, TX
                  Cason, Frances R. Business Office Manager (The
                         Medical Clinic of Norht Texas, P.A.), Fort
                         Worth, TX
                  Chambers, Tammy Director of Managed Care Contracting
                         (Texas Cancer Care), Mansfield, TX
                  Coleridge, D.O., Tim Physician (Texas Academy of
                         Family Physicians), Fort Worth, TX
                  Dhingra, Jay Vice President (HCA North Texas
                         Division), Dallas, TX
                  Fix, Jennifer Pharmacist (Texas Pharmacy
                         Association), Fort Worth, TX
                  Hein, M.D., H.A. Tillmann Physician (Texas Society
                         of Anesthesiologists), Dallas, TX
                  Johnson, Gail W. Certified Professional Midwife
                         (Eden Song Materinty Inc.), Hurst, TX
                  Klein, Eddie R. Pharmacist (Texas Pharmacy
                         Assoication), Richardson, TX
                  Lair, Mel Practice Administrator (Dialysis
                         Associates), Weatherford, TX
                  Langley, Cory Director of Managed Care (Digestive
                         Health Associates of Texas, P.A.), Bedford,
                  McCrane, Steven Director of Managed Care (Brownwood
                         Regional Medical Center / Triad Hospitals),
                         Brownwood, TX
                  Persons, M.D., C. Martin Physician (Self), Fort
                         Worth, TX
                  Reiter, Nancy Homemaker (Self), Hurst, TX
                  Rosenfeld, M.D., Craig Physician (Texas Oncology,
                         P.A.), Dallas, TX
                  Ross, Sandi Barton Anesthesiology (Summit Healthcare
                         - Anethesia Practice Management Company),
                         Fort Worth, TX
                  Webster, Cherise Provider Relations (North Texas
                         Specialty Physicians), Fort Worth, TX
       AGAINST:   Benny, Cook Truck Driver (Self), Fort Worth, TX
                  Taylor, M.D., M.Ph., William J. Medical Director
                         (Aetna), Austin, TX
       ON:        Allen, M.D., Bohn D. Physician (Texas Medical
                         Association / Tarrant County Medical
                         Society), Arlington, TX
                  Austin, Dennis G. Business Executive (Raytheon
                         Company), Duxbury, MA
                  Blue, M.D., Susan K. Neurologist (Neurological
                         Services of Texas), Burleson, TX
                  Bybis, Leonard Health Care Administrator (CSANT,
                         P.A.), Dallas, TX
                  Cohen, D.O., Benjamin L. Provost (University of
                         North Texas Health Science Center), Fort
                         Worth, TX
                  Fagen, Janice Vice President (Unicare Life and
                         Health Insurance Company), Houston, TX
                  Hahn, D.O., Marc B. Dean (University of North Texas
                         Health Science Center), Fort Worth, TX
                  Henderson, Bill CEO (Total Vision Health Plan of
                         Texas), Frisco, TX
                  Herman, B. Michael Attorney (Health Insurance
                         Association of America), Washington, DC
                  Jones, Tanya Reimbursement Manager (TERM Billing,
                         Inc.), Fort Worth, TX
                  King, M.D., Austin Physician (Self & Abilene
                         Physicians), Abilene, TX
                  Lawley, John G. COO (Tarrant Health Services), Fort
                         Worth, TX
                  Loomis, David (The Health Group), Dallas, TX
                  McCarty, Tom Executive Director (Texas Association
                         of PPOs), Austin, TX
                  Montemayor, Jose Commissioner (Texas Department of
                         Insurance), Austin, TX
                  Montgomery, Michael D. Physician (Self & Abilene
                         Physicians), Abilene, TX
                  Pollard, Mike Executive Director (Texas Association
                         of Life & Health Insurers), Austin, TX
                  Reichel, Randi Attorney (American Association of
                         Health Plans), Silver Spring, MD
                  Rummel, Leah Executive Director (Texas Association
                         of Health Plans), Austin, TX
                  Thompson, Jay Attorney (Texas Association of Life &
                         Health Insurers), Austin, TX
                  Woolbert, Lynda Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
                         (Coalition for Nurses in Advanced Practice)

  Registering, but not testifying:
       For:       Cervantes, Conley Regional Director, Manage Care
                         (Tenet Healthcare), Dallas, TX
                  Neff, Charles C. Healthcare Management Consultant
                         (Pinnacle Anethesia Consultants, P.A.),
                         Coppell, TX
       On:        Bedwell-Cefaly, Denise Billing Manager (John Obbink,
                         M.D.), Joshua, TX
                  Butts, Edna Attorney (Office of the Attorney
                         General), Austin, TX
                  Cowan, M.D., Gary M. Physician and Surgeon (Self),
                         Fort Worth, TX
                  Gude, Robert A. Pharmacist (Self), Fort Worth, TX
                  Holley, Janet Paralegal (Self), Sachse, TX
                  Jacobs, M.D., Barry Physician (Texas Fertility,
                         P.A.), Denton, TX
                  McCaffrey, Linda Office Manager (Dr. C. Martin
                         Persons), Fort Worth, TX
                  McCandless, Pati Attorney (UNICARE), Austin, TX
                  O'Brien, Kathryn Certified Doula (Doulas of Tarrant
                         County), Fort Worth, TX

  Providing written testimony:
       For:       Lovell, Beverly Administrator (North Hills Family
                         Practice), North Richland Hills, TX
                  Sproat, Carol Site Manger (North Hills Family
                         Practice), Keller, TX
                  Taylor, Christina (Self), Irving, TX
       On:        Free, Jamie Director of Operations (David C. May,
                         M.D. / Cardiovascular Specialists, P.A.),
                         Flower Mound, TX
                  Guier, David Administration (Otolaryngology
                         Associates of Arlington), Arlington, TX
                  Holt, M.D., Mark Pediatrician (MD Pediatric
                         Associates), Lewisville, TX
                  Lutz, Ron Healthcare Executive (Genesis Physician
                         Group/System Health Providers), Dallas, TX
                  Schornick, Amy Director, Contracting (Texas Health
                         Resources), Arlington, TX