Prompt Payment of Health Care Providers Committee
January 24, 2002 - 9:30A

Prompt Payment of Health Care Provi
       FOR:       Haney, David Pharmacist (True Care Pharmacy), Vidor,
                  Koepsel, DPM, Kirk Podiatrist (Texas Podiatric
                         Medical Association), Seabrook, TX
                  Rodriguez, Anna M. (Anthony Chavez, M.D.), Houston,
                  Sitton, Chip Managed Healthcare Director (Tomball
                         Regional Hospital), Spring, TX
                  Steward, Randy Director, Managed Care (Tenet
                         Healthcare), Houston, TX
                  Swisher, Debra Financial Coordinator (Life Flight),
                         Missouri City, TX
                  Taylor, M.D., William Medical Director (Aetna),
                         Austin, TX
                  Vaughan, Ron (Tenet Helath Systems), Colleyville, TX
                  Weigum, Eileen Director of Claims (Community First
                         Health Plan), San Antonio, TX
       AGAINST:   Quick, Thomas Insurance Executive (United
                         Healthcare), Plano, TX
       ON:        Chavez, Paulette Office Manager (Anthony Chavez,
                         M.D.), Houston, TX
                  DeCell, Denise (Christus Health Gulf Coast),
                         Houston, TX
                  DeLargy, Betty Attorney (Texas Health Insurance Pool
                         & Health Insurance Companies), Austin, TX
                  Durant, Tom Director (Managed Care-Medical Income
                         Concepts, Inc.), Houston, TX
                  Fix, Jennifer Pharmacist (Texas Pharmacy
                         Association), Fort Worth, TX
                  Flaum, M.D., Morris Associate Dean for Clinical
                         Affairs (University of Texas Medical School -
                         Houston), Houston, TX
                  Grigsby, Katherine Provider (Oncology Consultants,
                         P.A.), Houston, TX
                  Hand-Burns, Sharon Provider Consultant (Clients),
                         Houston, TX
                  Harris, Mollie Insurance Specialist (Dr. Michael
                         Sweeney), Houston, TX
                  Hill, Jane Administrator (Drs. Aldama, Ehni, Cech,
                         Harper, and Parker), Houston, TX
                  Kajander, John Chief Administrative Officer (TIRR
                         Systems), Houston, TX
                  Kirby, Tim B. Senior Vice President (Methodist
                         Hospital of Dallas), Dallas, TX
                  Lowery, Kerry COO (Greater Houston Anesthesiology),
                         Houston, TX
                  Mahon, William J. Executive Director (National
                         Health Care Anti-Fraud Association),
                         Washington, DC
                  Montemayor, Jose Commissioner (Texas Department of
                         Insurance), Austin, TX
                  Paschal, Melissa L. (Health Care Administration Gulf
                         Coast Division), Houston, TX
                  Rodgers, J. Darren Vice President (Blue Cross Blue
                         Shield of Texas), Dallas, TX
                  Rummel, Leah Executive Director (Texas Association
                         of Health Plans), Austin, TX
                  Schauer, Tim Director of Government Relations
                         (Memorial Hermann Healthcare System), Katy,
                  Selden, Audrey Sr. Associate Commissioner (Texas
                         Department of Insurance), Austin, TX
                  Southerland, Frances Business Manager (Memorial City
                         Surgical Associates), Houston, TX
                  Speight, Susan Family Therapist (Texas Association
                         for Marriage and Family Therapy), Dickinson,
                  Sulgrove-Hernandez, Gale Director of Business
                         (Memorial Clinic Associates), Rosharon, TX
                  Vanzant, M.D., Robert Physician (Harris County
                         Medical Society), Houston, TX
                  White, Jeff Director of Managed Care (Christus Santa
                         Rosa Health Care), San Antonio, TX

  Registering, but not testifying:
       For:       Pavia, H. Allan Pharmacist (True Care Pharmacy and
                         Independents), Linden, TX
       On:        Davis, Victoria (Garden Oaks Adult Activity Center),
                         Houston, TX
                  Harracksingh, Rachel B. President (Texas Ambulance
                         Association), Canutillo, TX
                  Valenta, Anna M. Director, Managed Care (HCA),
                         Houston, TX
                  Walli, Steve C. CEO (United Healthcare), Houston, TX
                  Wilks-Bingham, Shannon Executive Director (Trauma
                         Regional Advisory Council), Raymondville, TX

  Providing written testimony:
       For:       Moore, Walter Physician (Self), Kingwood, TX
                  Tietjen, John A. Health Care Administrator (MD
                         Anderson Cancer Center), Missouri City, TX
       On:        Herndon, Paul Chief Financial Officer (Texas
                         Children's Pediatric Associates), Houston, TX
                  Smith, Gary K. Director, Managed Care (US Imaging
                         Inc.), Houston, TX