Veteran Affairs & Military Installations Committee
October 30, 2001 - 1:30P

Disabled Purple Heart License Plate
       ON:        Reilly, Patrick Veteran (Texas Association of
                         Vietnam Veterans & Marine Corps League),
                         Austin, TX

HB 2125
       ON:        Anderson, David Managing Director (Texas Education
                         Agency, Curriculum and Professional
                         Development), Austin, TX

Texas National Guard
       ON:        Collins, Jill Executive Officer (Texas Air National
                         Guard), Austin, TX
                  Hamilton, Patrick Mobilization Readiness Officer
                         (Texas Army National Guard), Austin, TX
                  Marty, Wayne Assistant Adjutant General, Army
                         (Adjutant General's Department), Austin, TX
                  Smith, Michael Assistant Adjutant General, Air
                         (Adjutant General's Department), Austin, TX
                  Stanford, John State Liaison Officer (Adjutant
                         General's Department), Austin, TX

Texas National Guard and United Sta
       ON:        Walston, Gary Ombudsman (Texas Committee for
                         Employer Support for Guard and Reserves), San
                         Antonio, TX

Texas Veterans Commission
       ON:        Nier, James Executive Director (Texas Veterans
                         Commission), Austin, TX

Texas Veterans Land Board
       ON:        Martin, Rusty Director of Funds Management (Texas
                         Veterans Land Board), Austin, TX
                  Oldmixon, Douglas Executive Secretary (Texas
                         Veterans Land Board), Austin, TX

Veteran Services and SB 1159
       ON:        Carlson-Reed, Cassie Executive Director (Texas
                         Workforce Commission), Austin, TX
                  Olen, Mike Veteran Services Program Manager (Texas
                         Workforce Commission), Austin, TX