Jurisprudence Committee
April 25, 2002 -10:00A

Progressive Sanctions
       ON:        Arglada, Miguel Director, Juvenile Justice (MHMR),
                         Houston, TX
                  Bailey, Elmer Executive Director (Harris County
                         Juvenile Probation), Houston, TX
                  Brown, Alan Chief Probation Officer (Hunt County
                         Juvenile Probation), Greenville, TX
                  Campbell, Ann Attorney (Juvenile Respondents),
                         Houston, TX
                  Cockerell, Carey Director (Tarrant County Juvenile
                         Services), Fort Worth, TX
                  Dawson, Robert Professor of Law (Self), Austin, TX
                  Delgado, Jo Ann Judge (Harris County J-P 2-1),
                         Houston, TX
                  Eckels, Robert Judge (Harris County Juvenile Board),
                         Houston, TX
                  Ellis, Kent Judge (315th District Court), Houston,
                  Fabelo, Tony Executive Director (Criminal Justice
                         Policy Council), Austin, TX
                  Godwin, Elizabeth ADA (Harris County District
                         Attorney), Houston, TX
                  Griffiths, Mike (Dallas County Juvenile Department),
                         Dallas, TX
                  Kefowit, Dee Director (Texas Council on Offenders
                         with Mental Impairments), Austin, TX
                  Lyons, Phillip Associate Professor (College of
                         Criminal Justice, Sam Houston State
                         University), Huntsville, TX
                  Mai, Russell Director, Adolescent Intervention (The
                         Council on Alcohol and Drugs), Houston, TX
                  Martin, James Chief Juvenile Probation Officer
                         (Jefferson County), Beaumont, TX
                  Morgan-Price, Veronica Retired Judge (Morgan-Price
                         Enterprises), Sugarland, TX
                  Nichols, Neil General Counsel (Texas Youth
                         Commission), Austin, TX
                  Polumbo, Tony Judge (Self), Baytown, TX
                  Rodney, Elaine Dean (Praire View Juvenile Justice
                         Institute), Praire View, TX
                  Shelton, Pat Judge (Self), Houston, TX
                  Spriggs, Vicki Executive Director (Texas Juvenile
                         Probation Commission), Austin, TX
                  Thorne, Larry Judge, 317th District Court (Jefferson
                         County), Beaumont, TX
                  Torres, Orlando Chief Probation Officer (San
                         Patricio, Aransas, Bee, McMullen, Live Oak
                         Juvenile Justice Association of TX), Sinton,

  Registering, but not testifying:
       On:        Ford, George Executive Director (Harris County
                         Children's Protective Services), Houston, TX
                  Hicks, Regina Deputy Director, Child & Adolescent
                         (MHMRA Harris County), Houston, TX
                  McMillan, Ernest Executive Director (Fifth Ward
                         Enrichment Program), Houston, TX