Jurisprudence Committee
February 21, 2002 - 8:30A

Reapportionment of judicial distric
       ON:        Archer, Jeff Senior Legislative Counsel (Texas
                         Legislative Council), Austin, TX
                  Armstrong, Ernie Judge (132nd District Court),
                         Snyder, TX
                  Benedict, Jerry Director (Office of Court
                         Administration), Austin, TX
                  Bennett, Margaret General Counsel (Office of Court
                         Administration), Austin, TX
                  Chapman, Charles Judge (39th District Court),
                         Haskell, TX
                  Harrison, Glen Judge (32nd District Court),
                         Sweetwater, TX
                  Monteros, Janet Immediate Past President (Mexican
                         American Bar Association of Texas), Austin,
                  Schraub, B.B. Presiding Judge (Conference of
                         Regional Judges), Seguin, TX
                  Ware, Alan Program Director (Texas Legislative
                         Council), Austin, TX