Jurisprudence Committee
April 9, 2001 - 1:30P

SB 290
       FOR:       Watt, Dick Attorney (Texas Land and Mineral Owners
       AGAINST:   Hurd, J.R. Managing Partner, Hurd Enterprises, Ltd.
                         (Hurd Enterprises and Texas Independent
                         Producers and Royalty Owners), San Antonio,
                  Ratliff, Shannon lawyer (Texas Civil Justice
                         League), Austin, TX

  Registering, but not testifying:
       For:       Beveridge, Doug Land Manager (Texas Land & Mineral
                         Owners Association)
       Against:   Acevedo, Adrian Manager, Government Relations
                         (Anadarko Petroleum Corp.), Houston, TX
                  Allday, Marty Natural Gas (El Paso Corporation),
                         Houston, TX
                  Billingsley, Grant (Wagner and Brown, Ltd.)
                  Burns, Morris Executive Vice President (Permian
                         Basin Petroleum Association), Midland, TX
                  Clark, Jeff Executive Director (National Federation
                         of Independent Business), Austin, TX
                  Compton, Gary Attorney (Pioneer Natural Resources
                         and Shell Oil), Austin, TX
                  Dagian, Glenn (BP America), Austin, TX
                  Evans, Richard Lobbyist (Texas Association of
                         Business and Chambers of Commerce), Austin,
                  Gutierrez, Hugo Government Affairs Manager (Marathon
                         Oil Company), Houston, TX
                  Kessler, Ron Attorney (Civil Justice Reform Group),
                         Austin, TX
                  Miller, Neal (The Chevron Companies)
                  Moore, Julie W. Director, State Government Affairs
                         (Occidental Petroleum), Austin, TX
                  Perry, Steve Government Relations (Texaco
                         Exploration and Production, Inc.), Austin, TX
                  Rigsbee, Ken Engineer (Phillips Petroleum Company),
                         Austin, TX
                  Schulle, Jr., Gerhardt Executive Director (Texas
                         Society of Professional Engineers), Austin,
                  Scott, Jr., Wallace H. Attorney at Law (Clayton
                         Williams, Louis Beecherl)
                  Sebree, Ben Vice President (Texas Oil and Gas
                         Association), Austin, TX
                  Stevens, Bill Executive Vice President (Texas
                         Alliance of Energy Producers), Abilene, TX
                  Wade, Foster L. Manager Government Relations
                         (Texaco), Austin, TX
                  Wayne, Ralph President-CEO, TCJL (Texas Civil
                         Justice League), Austin, TX
                  White, Michael Attorney/Consultant (The Greater
                         Houston Partnership), Austin, TX
                  Wilhelm, Jack M. Texas Field Public Affairs Manager
                         (Exxon Mobile Corporation)

SB 610
       FOR:       Hunter, Larry C. Attorney (Self), Vidor, TX

  Registering, but not testifying:
       For:       Bean, Thomas L. Auto Dealer (Self), Vidor, TX

SB 638
       FOR:       Coffman, Rosemary Attorney (Self), Austin, TX
                  Gillespie, Mark Director, Forensics, Austin PD
                         (Austin Police Department), Austin, TX
                  Knee, Stan Austin Chief of Police (City of Austin)
                  Robinson, Patti Lieutenant - Police Officer (Austin
                         Police Department), Austin, TX
       AGAINST:   Harrell, William Lawyer (American Civil Liberties
                         Union of Texas), Austin, TX

  Registering, but not testifying:
       For:       Carr, Snapper Legislative Associate (Texas Municipal
                         League), Austin, TX
                  Coffman, Rosemary Attorney (Self), Austin, TX
                  Landeros, Rudy Assistant Chief - Austin Police Dept.
                         (Austin Police Department), Austin, TX
                  McLaughlin, James General Counsel (Texas Police
                         Chiefs Association), Austin, TX
                  Radcliff, Rebecca Legal Assistant (Combined Law
                         Enforcement Association of Texas), Austin, TX
                  Sheffield, Mike President/Austin Police Association
                         (Austin Police Association), Austin, TX
                  Woodford, Suzy Executive Director (Common Cause
                         Texas), Austin, TX
       On:        Gura, Ruth-Ellen Assistant District Attorney (Ronald
                         Earle, Travis County District Attorney's
                         Office), Austin, TX
                  Johnson, Pat Crime Lab Manager (Texas Department of
                         Public Safety), Austin, TX
                  Montford McCracken, Mindy Assistant District
                         Attorney (Texas District and County
                         Attorney's Association), Austin, TX

SB 667
       FOR:       Burke, Cecilia Director, Travis Co. Domestic
                         Relations (Texas Association of Domestic
                         Relations), Austin, TX

SB 731
       FOR:       Hempstead, Chuck Association Management (Texas
                         Society of Association Executives), Austin,

  Registering, but not testifying:
       For:       Christian, George Scott Attorney (Texas Civil
                         Justice League), Austin, TX
                  Da Silva, Joe Senior Vice President (Texas Hospital
                  Mintz, David Director of Governmental Affairs (Texas
                         Apartment Affairs), Austin, TX
                  Stinson, Bill Vice President of Governmental Affairs
                         (Texas Association of Realtors), Austin, TX

SB 776

  Registering, but not testifying:
       On:        Baldwin, Howard Deputy Attorney for Child Support
                         (Office of the Attorney General), Austin, TX

SB 909
       ON:        Keliher, Margaret Judge - 44th Civil District County

SB 941
       FOR:       Epstein, Michael RMS Lighting, Inc. (Self), Houston,
                  Knippa, Larry Attorney (self and Mike Epstein),
                         Houston, TX

  Registering, but not testifying:
       For:       Herman, Guy Presiding Judge, Statutory (Presiding
                         Court Judges Administrative System), Austin,

SB 1001
       FOR:       Carr, Ron District Judge (Self)

  Registering, but not testifying:
       For:       Hancock, Herb Prosecutor (Self), Beeville, TX
                  Pawelek, Alfred County Judge (Karnes County)
       On:        Reynolds, Carl General Counsel (Texas Department of
                         Criminal Justice), Austin, TX

SB 1098
       FOR:       Moody, William E. Judge, 34th District Court (Self),
                         El Paso, TX

  Registering, but not testifying:
       For:       Guzman, Samuel President/CEO (Texas Association
                         Mexican American Chambers of Commerce)

SB 1621
       FOR:       Byers, Christopher (Bergstrom Arms Apartment), Del
                         Valle, TX
                  Rollins, Sandy Executive Director (Texas Tenents
                         Unions), Dallas, TX
       ON:        Fuchs, Fred Attorney (Self), Austin, TX

  Registering, but not testifying:
       For:       Assegahegn, Seifu A. Retired (Self), Dallas, TX
                  Chapman, Randall Attorney (Texas Legal Services
                  Charlotte, Veronika Retired (Self), Houston, TX
                  Henneberger, John (Texas Low Income Housing
                         Information Service), Austin, TX
                  Junor, Debra Organizer (Self), Houston, TX
                  Parris, Samantha Student (Self), Houston, TX
                  Peterson, Bertha Retired (Self), Brookshire, TX
                  Robinson, Lekita Nurses Aide (Self), Dallas, TX
                  Wood, Wanda Student at ACC/Clerk III Assistant
                         (Bergstrom Arms Apartment), Del Valle, TX

SB 1640

  Registering, but not testifying:
       For:       Herman, Guy Judge (Statutory Probate Courts of
                         Texas), Austin, TX

SB 1778
       FOR:       Garrett, Jay Attorney (Linebarger, Heard, Goggin,
                         Blair, Graham, Pena, & Sampson)
       AGAINST:   Giamboi, Thomas Executive (Municipal Services
                         Bureau), Austin, TX

  Registering, but not testifying:
       For:       Pawelek, Alfred County Judge (Karnes City)
       Against:   James, Dwain Executive Director (American Collectors
                         Association of Texas), Austin, TX