Business & Commerce Committee
(Subcommittee on Subcommittee on Interim Charge #3)
September 10, 2002 -10:00A

Economic Development
       ON:        Barr, Kenneth Mayor (City of Ft. Worth), Ft. Worth,
                  Black, Jan Hart President (Greater Dallas Chamber,
                         Metro 8 Chambers), Dallas, TX
                  Broomall, Vern Corporate V. P. (Vought Aircraft
                         Industries and Texas Aerospace Industry at
                         Large), Dallas, TX
                  Cross, Diana President ICE Contractors, Inc. (Texas
                         Aerospace Commission, Small Business),
                         Mesquite, TX
                  Dake, Terry (Self), Ft. Worth, TX
                  Ehrie, Bill (Texas Strategic Military Planning
                         Commission), Abilene, TX
                  Ellison, Ellen (Green Industry and Texas Nursery and
                         Landscape Association), Brenham, TX
                  Ellison, Jim (Green House and Nursery Industry),
                         Brenham, TX
                  Foxhall, Nene V.P. State and Civic Affairs
                         (Continental Airlines), Houston, TX
                  Hagan, Dan (American Airlines), Dallas, TX
                  Hammond, Bill President (Texas Association of
                         Business), Austin, TX
                  Heath, Ralph (Lockheed Martin Aeronautics), Ft.
                         Worth, TX
                  Lehman, Ron Commissioner Representing Employers
                         (Texas Workforce Commission), Austin, TX
                  Looke, William Executive Director (Texas Aerospace
                         Commission), Austin, TX
                  Lopano, Joseph EVP Marketing (DFW Airport), Dallas,
                  Maly, Joseph President (Ft. Worth Opportunity
                         Center), Ft. Worth, TX
                  Thornton, Bill (Ft. Worth Chamber, Metro 8
                         Chambers), Ft. Worth, TX
                  Vedlitz, Arnold Associate Dean (Bush School),
                         College Station, TX
                  Williams, Roger Director Administration (Bell
                         Helicopter), Amarillo, TX