Public Safety Committee
March 26, 2001-12:30P

HB 195
    For:      Baxter, Hannah (Self)
              Higgins, Carlos (Texas Silver-Haired Legislature)
    On:       Caskey, Marshall (DPS)
              Hughes, Jolene (DPS)
              Jordan, Paul (DPS)

HB 232
    For:      Barber, Thomas (Burleson County Sheriffs Department)
              Cook, Randie (Self)
              Edworthy, Allan (Self)
              Edworthy, Ethel (Self)
              McDonald, Mary (Self)
              Oberts, Niva (Self)
              Swearingen, Thomas (Self)
    Against:  Ball, Ann (Self and ASSIST)
              Burt, Bob (Self and Associate Security Services and
                   Investigators of the State of Texas)
              DeLord, Ron (CLEAT)
              Gaylor, Tom (Texas Municipal Police Association)
              Grimes, Phyllis (Self)
              Griswold, Susan (Self and ASSIST)
              Hearne, Ed (Self)
              Lakes, Booker (Self and Comprehensive Investigations and
                   Security, Inc.)
              Lakes, Kimberly (Self and ASSIST)
              Lakes, Ranjeet (Self and Comprehensive Investigations)
              McReynolds, Kathy (Self)
              Mingo, Velma (Self and ASSIST)
              Oakley, Keith (ASSIST)
              Parker, Dave (Self and ASSIST - Houston Chapter)
              Roberts, Walter (Self and ASSIST)
              Ruiz, Hubert (Self)
              Scepanski, Dave (Self and Associate Security Services
                   and Investigators)
              Villarreal, Kim (Self)
              West, Dan (Security Services of Texas)
    On:       Marticheck, Hans (Houston Police Officers' Union)
              McGlasson, Jerry (Texas Commission on Private Security)

HB 1396
    For:      Johnson, Mike (Self and Tarrant County Fire Chiefs
              McMacken, Patrick (City of Irving)
              Mendez, Mark (Tarrant County Commissioners Court)
              Paniagua, Joe (City of Fort Worth City Council)
              Picht, Clyde (Fort Worth City Council)
              Wells, Keith (City of Fort Worth)
    Against:  Leahy, Timothy (Southwestern Bell Telephone)
    On:       Clayton, Bill (City of Irving)

HB 1479
    For:      Patterson, Jerry (Houston Gun Collectors Association,
                   Houston Safari Club)
              Tripp, Alice (Texas State Rifle Association)
              West, Dan (Texas Concealed Handgun Association)
    On:       Middaugh, Margie (Department of Public Safety)

HB 1762
    On:       Elder, Frank (Texas DPS)

HB 2204
    For:      Cummins, Gayle (Texas Bicycle Coalition)
              Gerlich, Dr. Nicholas (Self)
              Hester, Keith (Self)
              Russell, Hazel (Self)
              Tyree, Preston (Texas Bicycle Coalition)
              Woods, Lt. Tom (International Police Mountain Bike

HB 2230
    On:       Elder, Frank (Texas DPS)

HB 2618
    For:      Duffey, Tesa (Texas Gulf Coast Emergency Management)
              McMacken, Patrick (Emergency Management Association of
    On:       Millwee, Tom (Texas Department of Public Safety Division
                   on Emergency Management)

HB 2987
    For:      Montague, David (Self and Tarrant County District
                   Attorney's Office)