Public Safety Committee
March 5, 2001-12:30P

HB 503
    For:      Denholm, John (Self and Harris County Sheriff Tommy
              Gonzalez Jr., Sigifredo (Self and Sheriffs Association
                   of Texas)
              Lindsey, Gary (Dallas County Sheriff Jim Bowles)
              Lyons, Steve (Houston Police Department)
              Muse, Rick (Denton County Sheriff's Office)
              Powell, Captain Bob (Denton County Sheriff's Office)
              Scott, Rider (Denton County)
              Zacharias, Larry (City of Richardson)
    Against:  Findeisen, Les (Texas Motor Transportation Association)
              Stewart, Micheal (Texas Aggregates and Concrete
    On:       Hickman, Ron (Self)
              Werlein, S.H. "Hal" (Justices of the Peace and Constable
                   Association of Texas)

HB 780
    For:      DeLord, Ronald (CLEAT)
              Elkin, Bill (Houston Police Retired Officer's
              Gonzales Jr., Sigifredo (Self and Sheriffs Association
                   of Texas)
              Sanders, Stephen (Texas State Lodge Fraternal Order of
                   Police, Houston Police Patrolmen's Union)

HB 940
    For:      Atkinson, Johnny (Associated Security Services and
                   Investigators of the State of Texas)
    On:       McGlasson, Jerry (Texas Commission on Private Security)