Pensions & Investments Committee
February 26, 2001-8:00A

HB 28
    For:      Froemsdorf, Gary (Self)
              Martilloth, Joseph (Self)

HB 498
    For:      Davis, R.L. (Self)
              Miller, Wendell (Self)
              Salinas, Froy (Texas State Troopers Association)

HB 853
    On:       Nail, William (Employees Retirement System of Texas)

HB 921
    For:      Conner, Alan (Liberty County Central Appraisal District)
    On:       Froh, Joseph (Texas County and District Retirement

HB 1079
    On:       Davis, Mike (State Fire Marshal Office/Texas Department
                   of Insurance)
              Watson, John (Texas Department of Insurance)

HB 1521
    On:       Pitcock, Micheal (Texas Lottery Commission)

HB 1546
    For:      Ford, Wade (Self)
              Shown, Danil (Texas Department of Public Safety)
              Updyke, Harvey (Texas Department of Public Safety)

HB 1569
    For:      Myers, Donny (Self and Houston Fire Fighters Relief and
                   Retirement Fund)
              Patterson, Max (Houston Firefighters Relief and
                   Retirement Fund)
              Vara, Lonnie (City of Houston)

HB 1573
    For:      Holmes, Fred (Houston Municipal Board)
              Perales, Erin (Houston Municipal Employees Pension
    On:       Harris, Eldon (Self)
              Jones, Chris (Combined Law Enforcement Association of