Natural Resources Committee
March 28, 2001-3:00P

HB 622
    For:      Petersen, Ken (Texas Rural Water Association)
              Watson, Kent (Texas Rural Water Association)

HB 2571
    For:      Berry, Joe (Angelina County Citizens and Commissioners
              Stover, John D. (Organizers of Angelina County Water
                   Control and Improvement Distrist #4)

HB 2572
    For:      Berry, Joe (Citizens of Angelina and the Commissioners
              Campbell, George P. (Region I-Regional Planning Group)
              Hughes, J.C. (City and County of Nacogdoches)

HB 2687
    For:      Weitzel, John (Texas Petroleum Marketers & Convenience
                   Store Assoc.)

HB 2776
    For:      Cisneros, Alsel (Self and Border Water Works)
              Vasquez, Yolanda (Colonia Express Way Heights)
              Zapata, Marco A. (Unnamed Colonia in Hidalgo County)
    On:       Storment, Scott (Secretary of State, Henry Cuellar)

HB 2847
    For:      Kowis, James (BRA)

HB 2959
    For:      Cardiff, George (Self and Brookshire-Katy Drainage
              Fielder III, Gordon W. (Northwest Katy Neighborhood
              Louis, Canale S. (Self)

HB 2994
    For:      King, Claude (City of Lewisville)

HB 3188
    For:      Halty, Scott (SAWS)
              Sledge, Brian L. (Lloyd, Gosselink, Blevins, Rochelle,
                   Baldwin & Townsend, P.C.)
    On:       Bowers, Richard (North Plains Groundwater Conservation
              Clark, Dennis (Emerald Underground Water Conservation

HB 3228
    For:      Halty, Scott (San Antonio Water System)
              Millikin, Jay (Comal County Commissioners Court)
              Price, Roger (Self)
              Schindel, Geary (Edwards Aquifer Authority)

HB 3243
    For:      Hilderbran, Vic (Self)

HB 3543
    For:      Cornett, Cameron (Head Waters Underground Water
                   Conservation District)
              Lindner, Patrick (Headwaters Groundwater Conservation

HB 3544
    For:      Kracher, Bud (Cow Creek Groundwater Conservation
              Lindner, Patrick (Cow Creek Groundwater Conservation

HB 3625
    For:      Hollow, Jack (Self and Hays Trinity  Groundwater
                   Conservation District)
              Powers, Jim (Hays County)
              Walther, Allen (Hays County Commissioners Court)

HB 3640
    For:      Burke, John (Lower Colorado Regional Water Planning
                   Group, Region K)
              Simon, Haskell L. (Commissioners Court of  Matagorda