Natural Resources Committee
March 7, 2001-3:00P

HB 702
    For:      Le Blanc, Richard P. (Jefferson County Drainage District
              MacNelly, Rayburn (Self and Drainage District Panel of
                   Texas Water Conservation Association)

HB 1764
    For:      Hagood Jr., Charles L. (Self)
              Roberts, Delbert R. (Kimble County Commissioners Court)

HB 1784
    For:      Ausley, Nathan (Burleson County Farm Bureau)
              Doonan, Bob (Burleson County)
              Jones, Al (Brazos County)
              McDonald, Ronnie (Bastrop County)
              Neely, Cecil N. (Self and Madison, Leon, & Freestone
              Norman, Monique (Bickerstaff, Heath, Smiley, Pollan,
                   Kever & McDaniel, L.L.C.)
              Riley, Bill (Brazos Valley Groundwater Conservation
              Summers, Frank (Milam County)
    Against:  Gangnes, Michele G. (Self)
              Woods, Billie (Self and Neighbors for Neighbors)
    On:       Smith, Sheril (Self and Sierra Club)