Natural Resources Committee
February 28, 2001-3:00P

HB 675
    For:      Bowers, Richard (North Plains Groundwater Conservation
              Burke, John (Aqua Water)
              Robbins, Dean (Texas Water Conservation Association)
              Williams, C.E. (Panhandle Groundwater District)

HB 1062
    For:      Forbes, Scott (Texas Ports Association and Port of
                   Houston Authority)

HB 1281
    For:      Croy, Jacqueline M. (City of Houston)
              Edwards, Danny R. (City of Ingram)
    Against:  Boyles, Jim (Tecon Water Companies)
              Lahtinen, James (AquaSource)
              Moore, Roy H. (AquaSource)
              Wallace, David L. (Self and Diamond Water Company and
                   Water Services Inc.)
              Zeppa, Mark (Self and Law Offices of Mark H. Zeppa, PC)
    On:       Briesemeister, Janee (Consumers Union)
              Holcomb, Doug (Texas Natural Resource Conservation
              Montelongo, Irene (Self and Texas Natural Resource
                   Conservation Commission)

HB 1836
    For:      Boyle Jr., John F. (Upper Trinity Regional Water
              Taylor, Thomas E. (Upper Trinity Regional Water