Natural Resources Committee
February 21, 2001-3:00P

HB 372
    For:      Halbert, Wayne (Texas Irrigation Council)

HB 1038
    For:      Gertson, Ronald (Self and Wharton County Water Council
                   and Wharton County)

HB 1081
    For:      Bowers, Richard (North Plains Groundwater Conservation

HB 1110
    For:      Bresnen, Steve (North Harris County Regional Water
              Sigler, Lenox (North Harris County Regional Water

HB 1629
    For:      Beal, Joseph J. (Lower Colorado River Authority)
              Burke, John (Lower Colorado Regional Water Planning
                   Group, Region K)
              Kelly, Mary Q. (San Antonio Water System)
    Against:  Hess, Myron J. (National Wildlife Federation)
              Morrisey, Jerry (Alamo Regional Group of the Sierra
              Smith, Sheril (Lone Star Chapter, Sierra Club)

HCR 88
    For:      Feild, Frank (Brownsville Chamber of Commerce)
              Halbert, Wayne (Texas Irrigation Council)
              Hill Sr., Gordon R. (Bayview Irrigation District #11)
              White, Frank JoJo (Hidalgo and Cameron Counties
                   Irrigation District #9)