Land & Resource Management Committee
September 19, 2002-9:00A

Office of Rural Community Affairs
    On:       Berry, Connie (Texas Department of Health)

    On:       Behrens, Michael W. (Texas Department of Transportation)
              Casso, Alfonso (Comptroller's Office)
              Chatham, Donna (Association of Rural Communities in
              Combs, Susan (Texas Department of Agriculture)
              Harlow, Terry (TEA Region 14 Service Center)
              Hoffman, Margaret (TCEQ)
              Jameson, Dirk (Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund
              Jeter, William "Bill" (Office of Rural Community
              McKimmey, Gerry (Texas Department of MHMR)
              Moseley, Jeff (Texas Economic Development)
              Swinford, David (Self)
              Taylor, Greg (Texas Cooperative Extension)
              Tessen, Robt. Sam (Office of Rural Community Affairs)
              Whittington, Pam (Public Utility Commission of Texas)

ORCA - Rural Issues
    On:       Cook, Robert L. (Texas Parks and Wildlife Department)

ORCA Coordination
    On:       Madera, Jr., Ignacio (Texas Water Development Board)

ORCA Enabling Legislation
    On:       Oaks, Lawerence (Larry) (Texas Historical Commission)

Rural Issues
    On:       Barron, Dr. Glenda (Texas Higher Education Coordinating
              Hine, Jim (Texas Department of Human Services)

Rural Issues and ORCA
    On:       Carlson Reed, Cassie (Texas Workforce Commission)

Rural Issues and TDHCA
    On:       Carrington, Edwina (Texas Department of Housing and
                   Community Affairs)