Land & Resource Management Committee
(Subcommittee on Urban Sprawl)
May 16, 2002-1:00P

County Powers (Ordinance Making)
    Against:  Myska, C.E. (Self)

Land Use Regulation
    Against:  Frost, Synda (Self)

Private Property Rights
    For:      Vacek, Clifford (Self)

PDR Statewide Program
    For:      Sulentich, James (The Nature Conservancy of Texas)

    For:      Kelsey, Thomas (Self)
              Lorenz, Jennifer (Self and Legacy Land Trust)
              Mersmann, Robert (Self)
              Mundy, Jeffery (Houston Audubon Society)
              Piacentini, Mary Anne (Katy Prairie Conservancy)
              Shackelford, Julie (American Farmland Trust)

Urban Sprawl
    Against:  Neumann, Wayne (City of Missouri City)
    On:       Armour, Laurance (Self and Landowners, Texas Rice
                   Industry Coalition for the Environment)
              Crolley, Bill (Texas Chapter of the American Planning
                   Association and City Planners Association of Texas)
              Gaston, Brian (Self)
              Harris, Jack (Brazoria County)
              Hofmann, Paul (City of Sugar Land)
              Jacob, John (Texas Sea Grant College Program)
              Stavinoha, Tom (Fort Bend County & Needville School
              Sugg, Paul (Texas Association of Counties)