Land & Resource Management Committee
(Subcommittee on Urban Sprawl)
April 11, 2002-10:00A

    On:       Franklin, Anna D. (Self)

Land Regulation
    Against:  Gaines, Jimmy (Texas Landowners Council, Inc.)

Ordinance Making Authority
    For:      Hannah, Jim (Self and Trinity Aquifer Water Planning

    For:      Ayres, Robert (Self)
              Cofer, Bill (Annandale Ranch)
              Cofer, George (Self and Hill Country Conservancy)
              Hamilton, John (Texas Land Trust Council)
              Holloway, Marcy (Self and Hill Country Roundtable)
              Sanger, Mary (Texas Center for Policy Studies)
              Shackelford, Julie (American Farmland Trust)
              Storm, Lynn (Self)
              Storm, Scott (Self)
              Yates, Ira (Self)

PDRs and Land Use Planning
    For:      Bamberger, J. David (Self)

Urban Sprawl
    On:       Armstrong, Beyrl K. (Self)
              Armstrong Idsal, Katharine (Texas Parks and Wildlife
              Bading, Lorenz (Self)
              Baker, David (Self)
              Baxter, Rob (Friendship Alliance, Goldenwood Property
                   Owners' Association)
              Brown, Kirby (Texas Wildlife Association)
              Byfield, Dan (American Land Foundation)
              Combs, Susan (Texas Department of Agriculture)
              Kallerman, Dick (Austin Sierra Club)
              Krankel, Jo D. (Self)
              McClintock, Nancy (City of Austin)
              McPherson, William T. (Prairie and Pines Land Trust)
              Millikin, Jay (Coman County Commissioners Court)
              Mintz, David (Texas Apartment Association)
              Smith, Roland (Self and Texas Cooperative Extension)
              Steinbach, Don (Self)
              Walther, Allen (Self and Hays County Judge Jim Powers)