Land & Resource Management Committee
(Subcommittee on Urban Sprawl)
March 21, 2002-10:00A

county regulatory powers
    On:       Harmon, Ron (Texas Association of Counties)
              Lee, Donald (Texas Conference of Urban Counties)
              Wood, Paul (Self and Wise County)

land use regulation
    On:       Gaines, Jimmy (Texas Landowners Council, Inc.)

purchase of development rights
    For:      Anderson, Jim Bill (Self)
              Behm, David (Connemara Conservancy Foundation Board of
              Shackelford, Julie (American Farmland Trust)

urban sprawl
    On:       Farmer, Craig (City of Lubbock, City Planners Assn. of
                   Texas, Texas Municipal League)
              Loftice, Nathan (Self and Defenders of Americans' Voice
                   in Decision-Making)
              Millhon, Jerry (Fossil Rim Wildlife Center)
              Riley, Bob (City of Fort Worth, City Manager's Office)
              Ruiz, Javier (Humberto Hernandez, Regional
                   Conservationist, NRCS)

urban sprawl and downzoning
    On:       Gonzalez, Daniel (Texas Association of Realtors)