Land & Resource Management Committee
May 8, 2001-8:00A

HB 2141
    For:      Howard, Jeffrey S. (Reagan National Advertising)
              Stokes, Chris (Lamar Advertising / Outdoor Advertising
                   Association of Texas)
    On:       Walker, Jim (Self)

SB 800
    For:      Allison, Jim (County Judges & Commissioners Association
                   of Texas)

SB 1398
    For:      Shaw, Dell R. (Self and Doug Scales Body Shop Inc.)
    Against:  Aaronson, Maxine (Texas Neighborhoods Together Dallas
                   Homeowners League)
              Brown, Walter (Village of Wimberley City Council)
              Ethridge, Lila Knight (Preservation Texas)
              Gattis, David R. (City of Benbrook / City Planners
                   Association of Texas)
              Johnson, Shane (City of Rowlett)
              Laughlin, Kevin B. (City of Kerrville)
              McCloud, Ralph (Fort Worth City Council)
              O'Rourke, Kathleen M. (Self)