Land & Resource Management Committee
April 23, 2001-8:00A

HB 2340
    For:      Allison, Jim (County Judges & Commissioners Association
                   of Texas)
    On:       Oldmixon, Doug (Tx General Land Office / Veterans Land

HB 3410
    For:      Goodson, Jerry M. (Self)
              Jarvis, Ben E. (Self)

HB 3517
    For:      Southers, Frank R. (Self)

HB 3548
    For:      Naylor, Richard (Self)
    Against:  Carmel, Inga Marie (Self)
              Houston, Scott (Texas Municipal League)
              Moffat, Susan (Alliance to Save Hyde Park)

HB 3549
    For:      Naylor, Richard (Self)
    Against:  Houston, Scott (Texas Municipal League)

HB 3552
    For:      Russell, Sam W. (Texas Manufactured Housing Association)

SB 517
    For:      Allison, Jim (County Judges and Commissioner's
                   Association of Texas)
              Oaxaca, Vidal (El Paso County Attorney's Office / County
                   of El Paso)
    Against:  Gaines, Jimmy (Texas Landowners Council, Inc.)

SB 517 Amendment (Walker / Amendment 1)
    For:      Martinez, Frances Leos (Self and Community Resource
                   Group, Inc.)

SB 517 Committee Substitute (Walker / CSSB 517)
              Lee, Donald (Texas Conference of Urban Counties)