Land & Resource Management Committee
April 9, 2001-8:00A

HB 1125
    For:      Howe, Billy (Texas Farm Bureau)

HB 2581
    For:      Martin, P.E., Michael A. (Bexar County)

HB 2793
    For:      Arrington, John M. (Self)
              Porter, Merry (Self)

HB 2794
    For:      Arrington, John M. (Self)
              McClendon III, Sidney S. (West Galveston Island POA
                   Galveston Island Beach Erosion Task Force)
              Porter, Merry (Self)

HB 2857
    For:      Hart, Norbert T. (City of Corpus Christi)
              Utter, Tom (Self and City of Corpus Christi)

HB 2977
    For:      Biscotto, Dewey A. (Southwestern Bell)
    Against:  Murphy, Patrick (City of Austin)
              Nixon, Kirk (San Antonio Water System)
    On:       Akers, Monte (the Texas Municipal League)

HB 3546
    For:      Noble, Shannon (Texas Air Conditioning Contractors
              Smith, Tom Smitty (Public Citizens)

HB 3558
    For:      Dewhurst, David (Tx G.L.O.)

HB 3604
    For:      Oaxaca, Vidal A. (El Paso County Attorney)

SB 243
    For:      Igo, Shanna (Texas Municipal League)
              Johansen, Lyle (Texas Association of Builders)
    Against:  Baggett, Donnis (TX Daily Newspaper Association / TX
                   Press Association)