Land & Resource Management Committee
March 19, 2001-8:00A

HB 340
    For:      Allison, Jim (County Judges and Commissoners Association
                   of Texas)
              Farrar, Jim (Self)
              Gallegos, Nick (Edwards County)
              Lee, Donald (Texas Conference Of Urban Counties)
              Rothermel, John (Stewart Title Guaranty Co.)
              Sims, Randy (County Judges and Commissioners
              Stephenson, Brad (Eastland County Commissioners Court)
    Against:  Gaines, Jimmy (Texas Landowners Council, Inc.)
              Howe, Billy (Texas Farm Bureau)
              Small, Ed (Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers
              Taylor, Rodney D. (Self and Llano County Farm Bureau)

HB 1445
    For:      Erben, Andrew (KB Home, Austin)
              Gaines, Jimmy (Texas Landowners Council, Inc.)
              Long, J. Robert (Texas Association of Builders)
              Savio, Harry (Texas Capitol Area Builders Association)
    Against:  Conner, Marcia L. (City of Austin)
              Gafrick, Marlene (City of Houston)
              Knauf, Kelvin (Texas Municipal League / City of Lago
    On:       Lee, Donald (Texas Conference of Urban Counties)

HB 2411
    For:      Bloomberg, Charles (City of Southlake)
              Burleson, Jack (Southern Building Code Congress
                   International, Inc.)
              Ford, Tommy (Texas Association of Builders)
              Garrett, Doug (Self)
              Hall, Charlie T. (Self and Westway Sales Inc.)
              Jones, Monte (Snapscreen Windown Systems)
              McNabb, Nancy (Self and Boca International)
              Mower, Russ (Building Officials Association Of Texas)
              Pruitt, Carroll Lee (ICBO)
              Savio, Harry (Texas Capitol Area Builders Association)
              Smith, Tom "Smitty" (Public Citizens)
              Utter, Tom (City of Corpus Christi)
    Against:  Ahmed, Janet (Home Owners for Better Building)
              Lord, Richard (Texas Pipe Trades)
              Raimer, Linden (IAPMO)
              Shawn, Jim (Texas Windstorm Insurance Association)