Juvenile Justice & Family Issues Committee
April 10, 2001-2:00P

HB 691
    For:      Stansbury, Tom (Self and State Bar of Texas, Family Law
    On:       Griffis, Sherry (Self and County & District Clerk
                   Assoc., Legislative Chair)

HB 847
    For:      Lehrmann, Debra (Self)

HB 2108
    For:      Lambert, Kay (Advocacy, Inc.)
    On:       Brooke, Linda (Texas Juvenile Probation Commission)
              Stansbury, Tom (Self)

HB 2638
    For:      Fowler, Craig (Dallas County)
              Igrisan, Angela (Dallas County)

HB 2838
    For:      Von Ohlen, Michael (Self)
    On:       Baldwin, Howard (Office of the Attorney General)