Juvenile Justice & Family Issues Committee
February 20, 2001-10:30A

HB 413
    On:       Stansbury, Tom (Self)

HB 586
    On:       Shelton, David (Texas Fathers Alliance)

HB 706
    For:      Heckler, Jeff (De Pelchin Childrens Center of Houston)
    Against:  Martz, Donna (Self)
    On:       Webster, Sarah (Tx Dept of Protective and Regulatory

HB 769
    On:       Baldwin, Howard (Office of the Attorney General)

HB 960
    For:      Buchanan, Bree (Texas Council on Family Violence)
              Minze, Laura (Self and The Family Place)
    Against:  Shelton, David (Texas Fathers Alliance)
    On:       Lungwitz, Jeana (Self)

HB 1118
    For:      Dawson, Robert O. (Self)
              Montague, David (Self and Tarrant Co. District
                   Attorney's Office)
    Against:  Ott, Patricia (Justices of the Peace & Constables
                   Assoc., Inc.)
    On:       Bethke, James (Self)
              Lee, Donald (Texas Conference of Urban Counties)
              Pardue, Craig (Dallas County)

HB 1245
    For:      Jones, Jerry (Texas Academy of Probate Attorneys)
              Tindell, Henry (Self)
    On:       Sampson, John J. (Self)
              Stansbury, Tom (Self and State Bar of Texas, Family Law