Judicial Affairs Committee
August 15, 2002-10:00A

Drug Courts
    On:       Alonso, Judge Al (Self)
              Godwin, Judge George (Harris Co Criminal District
              Harle, Judge Sid (Self)
              Specia, Judge John (Self)

Durable Power of Attorney
    On:       Adams, Craig S. (Self and Real Estate Probate & Trust
                   Law Sec., State Bar of Texas)
              Cross, Kelly M. (Self)
              Jones, Jerry Frank (Self and Real Estate, Probate &
                   Trust Section & TX Academy of Probate Lawyers)
              Lear, Homer (Self)

Introductory remarks
    On:       Romo, Ricardo (Self)
              Sanders, Councilmember John (Self)

Judicial Redistricting
    On:       Edwards, Judge Fred (Self)
              Peeples, Judge David (Self)

Judicial Reform
    On:       Feldman, Cris (Texans for Public Justice)

Oversight:  Attorney General Offic
    On:       Harris, Steve (Self)

Oversight:  Attorney General Office
    On:       Hood, Sonny (Lesbian Gay Right Lobby of Texas)

Oversight:  Judiciary (Truancy)
    On:       Weiner, Judge Marcia (Self)

Oversight: Attorney General Office
    On:       Harrell, William (ACLU of TX; Muslim Legal Fund of
                   America & LULAC)
              McCaul, Michael (Office of the Attorney General)
              Mehta, Sonali (ACLU of Tx; Muslim Legal Fund of America
                   & LULAC)
              Stanley, Mary (Self)
              Warren, Jill (Office of the Attorney General)

Sexual Assault Prevention
    On:       Botello, Shelley (Self and Methodist Hospital System
                   Sexual Assault Program)
              Charles, Laurie (Self and Christus Santa Rosa)
              De La Cerda, Joseph (Texas Ass'n Against Sexual Assault)
              Hilton, Torie (Texas Ass'n Against Sexual Assault)
              Hons, Jeffrey (Self and Planned Parenthood of San
                   Antonio & South Central Texas)
              Koopman, Pennie (Rape Crisis Center for Children &
              Lippincott, Chris (Texas Ass'n Against Sexual Assault)
              Romberg, Peggy (Women's Health & Family Planning Ass'n)
              Watson, Marna E. (Alamo Children's Advocacy Center)
              Wheat, Sarah (Texas Abortion Rights Action League)