Judicial Affairs Committee
April 3, 2002-1:00P

Court interpreters
    On:       DeRoo, Raquel (Self)
              Helmerichs, Cristina (Self and NAJIC/AATIA/BCI/HITA)
              Kuntz, Jr., William (TX Dep't of Licensing & Regulation)

Durable Power of Attorney
    For:      West, Gaston (TX Silver-Haired Legislature)
    On:       Adams, Craig (Power of Atty Cmte, Real Estate, Probate &
                   Trust Section, State Bar)
              McGinnis, Tim (Adult Protective Svcs)

Judicial Redistricting
    On:       Johnson, Joel (Self and Judge Yeager & Judge Whatley)

Sexual Assault Prevention
    For:      Stukenberg, Amanda (Planned Parenthood of South Texas)
    On:       Lippincott, Chris (TX Ass'n Against Sexual Assault)
              Uberman, Rex (Office of Attorney General)
              Wheat, Sarah (TARAL)