Judicial Affairs Committee
February 19, 2001-2:00P

HB 587
    For:      Bates, Patty (Self and Greater Dallas Community
                   Relations Commission)
              Bledsoe, Gary (Texas NAACP)
              Briskman, Mark L. (Anti-Defamation League, N TX, OK & SW
              Brittain, Dean John C. (Self)
              Brooks, Joel (American Jewish Congress & TX Alliance for
                   Hate Crimes Legislation)
              Byrd, Stella (Self and The James Byrd Family)
              Byrd, Sr., James (Self)
              Foshage, Rev. Ron (The Most Reverend Curtis Guillory)
              Gura, Ruth-Ellen (Travis Co. District Attorney)
              Harrell, William (ACLU of Texas)
              Harris, Steve (Self)
              Hinojosa, Walter (Texas AFL-CIO)
              Levy, Professor Martin (Self)
              Lyons, Rev. Kenneth O. (Byrd Family & a friend of Father
                   Ron Foshage)
              Malcolm, Molly Beth (TX Democratic Party)
              Martino, Kelly (Self)
              Nevelow, Donna (Self)
              Overstreet, Morris (Self)
              Rigby, Jim (Self)
              Ross, Maria (Self)
              Saldana, Cruz (Self)
              Smoot, Samantha (Texas Freedom Network)
              Truax, Noah (Self)
    Against:  Armstrong, Bo (TX Eagle Forum)
              Bryan, Thomas (Self)
              Levin, Marc (Young Conservatives of TX, TX Eagle Forum,
                   American Freedom Center)
              Markham, Anne (Self)
              Zook, Nathan (Self)
    On:       Meteyer, Rudy (Young Comnservatives of TX, College
                   Repubs., Libertarian Longhorns & Students for
                   Colorblind Soc'y)

HB 587 Committee Substitute (Thompson/CSHB 587)
    For:      Levy, Professor Martin (Self)