Teacher Health Insurance, Select Committee
February 12, 2001-2:00P

HB 12
    For:      Hodges, Anna (Self)
              Peters, Maureen (Self and Alliance of Dallas Educators /

HB 1189
    For:      Dunn, David (TASB)
              Floyd, Beaman (TASA)
              Martinez, Louann (TASA)

Teacher Health Insurance
    For:      Alcorn, Bill (Self and Graford ISD)
              Alford, George Ann (Self)
              Ashbrook, Joan (Self)
              Bogue, James (Centra Heights ISD)
              Bridges, Linda (Corpus Christi AFT)
              Copeland, Becky (Self)
              Dziuk, Twila (Falls City ISD)
              Earley, Terry (Self)
              Egg, Donald (Gauade ISD)
              Esterby, ReNae (Self)
              Freeman, Buddy (Self)
              Freeman, Ray (Self)
              Gill, Doris Jean (Self and Texas Elementary Principals
                   and Supervisors Association)
              Grusendorf, Bill (Texas Association of Rural Schools)
              Hartman, Eric (Texas Federation of Teachers)
              Hodges, Anna (Self)
              Hord, Cathy (Texas Classroom Teachers Association)
              Jones, Don (Self)
              Keys, John (Sterling City ISD)
              Largent, James (Chireno ISD)
              Laurence, Ernie (Self and Hutto ISD)
              Lee, Mike (Booker ISD)
              Mayfield, James (Self)
              McCuistion, Lowell (Douglass ISD)
              Morton, Dale (Wells ISD)
              Morton, James (Self and Prairiland ISD)
              Myers, Terry (Cleveland ISD)
              New Haschke, Donna (Texas State Teachers Association)
              Newberry, Alton (Falls City ISD)
              Noland, Jimmy (Self)
              Nwosu, Rae (Self)
              Perry, Russ (Harrold ISD)
              Peters, Maureen (Self and Alliance of Dallas Educators /
              Peters, Steve (Irion ISD)
              Pollan, Judy (Daingerfield ISD)
              Potter, Shelley (San Antonio Federation of Teachers)
              Shaw, Larry (Self and United Educators Association)
              Skipper, Barbara (Self and Sabinal ISD)
              Smith, Mike (Texas Association of Community Schools)
              Snow, Billy (Self)
              Suggs, Nancy (Self)
              Thompson, Charles (Riviera ISD)
              Thrash, Susie (Self and ATPE)
              Turner, Tommy (Miller Grove ISD)
              Wallace, Karla (Self and Vernon ISD)
              Weatherby, Lynda (Self)
              Woodard, Nancy (McLean ISD)
              Youngblood, James (Self)
    On:       Floyd, Darrell (Stephenville ISD)
              Hillyer, Richard (Self and Several School Districts)
              Kingston, Bill (Coahoma ISD)
              Reim, Bob (Self)
              Terry, Mike (Etoile ISD)