Human Services Committee
April 2, 2002-10:00A

Charge Five
    For:      Boyd, Larry (Texas State Employees Union)
              Houston, Alberta (Self)
              Lovings, Mary (Self)
              Mayo, Pi-Yi (Self)
    On:       Cooke, Jason (Texas Health and Human Services
              Daniel, Patti (Parkland Health and Hospital System)
              Dwyer, Sister Jean Thomas (Self and Catholic Charities
                   Family Assistance Center)
              Gross, Michael (Texas State Employees Union)
              Hine, Jim (Texas Department of Human Services)
              Mendoza, Adrienne (University of Texas Medical Branch -

Charge Four
    For:      Anderson, Antony D. (Self and Texas Medical Association,
                   Texas Academy of Family Physicians)
              Boyd, Debra (Self)
              Constant, George (Self and Texas Medical Association)
              Eberhardt, Patrick (Self)
              Gantt, Melanie (Mental Health Association of Texas)
              Halligan, Mike (Texas Mental Health Consumers)
              Keller, Merily (Self)
              Kern, Diana (National Association of the Mentally Ill of
              Loar, Molly (Self)
              McIntosh, Glen (Self)
              McIntosh, Mary (Self)
              Richards, Janis (Self)
              Sanders, Pat (Self and Crisis Community Coalition, Alamo
                   Area Suicide Prevention)
              Smith, Judie (Texas Suicide Prevention Plan Steering
              Stratton, Melissa (Self)
              Thornton, Joe (Self)
              Vorkoper, Charles (Self)
              Younger, Kevin (Self)
    On:       Hellsten, John (Texas Department of Health)
              Sapp, Mary (Texas Department on Aging)