Human Services Committee
February 12, 2002-1:00P

    On:       Chapmond, Thomas (Texas Department of Protective and
                   Regulatory Services)

Interim Charge Five
    On:       Dunkelberg, Anne (Center for Public Policy Priorities)
              Hine, Jim (Texas Department of Human Services)

Interim Charge Four
    On:       Hale, Karen (Texas Department of Mental Health and
                   Mental Retardation)
              Zane, David (Texas Department of Health)

Interim Charge One
    On:       Bresette, Patrick (Center for Public Policy Priorities)
              Hagert, Celia (Center for Public Policy Priorities)
              Sabo, Jason (Center for Public Policy Priorities)

Interim Charge Six
    On:       Gilbert, Don (Texas Health and Human Services
              Kafka, Bob (ADAPT)

Interim Charge Three
    On:       Apfel, Kenneth (Self)
              Arrell, Max (Texas Rehabilitation Commission)
              Ward, Dave (Texas Rehabilitation Commission)

Interim Charge Two
    On:       Garcia, Melissa (Foundation Communities)
              Macias, Luis (Texas Workforce Commission)