Higher Education Committee
June 25, 2002-11:00A

Dyslexic Students
    On:       Brown, Mrs. Donna (Self and Evan Brown)
              Hinojosa, Dr. Leticia (Texas Higher Education
                   Coordinating Board)

Interim Charge Seven
    On:       Brigman, Dr. William E. (American Association of
                   University Professors)
              Burns, Dr. John (Texas Tech University System)
              Kerker, Dr. Mike (University of Texas System)
              Longmire, Dr. Dennis (Post-Tenure Review Research Team,
                   Sam Houston State University)
              Melina Raab, Mr. Ted (Texas Federation of Teachers)
              Pohl, Dr. Norval F. (University of North Texas)
              Price, Dr. Debra P. (Post-Tenure Review Research Team,
                   Sam Houston State University)
              Sayavedra, Dr. Leo (Texas A&M University System)
              Sheridan, Dr. Edward P. (University of Houston System)
              Siciliano, Dr. Michael J. (Self)
              Urbanovsky, Mr. Lamar (Texas State University System)
              Vaden-Goad, Dr. Linda (Texas Conference:  American
                   Association of University Professors)
              Zucker, Dr. Charles (Texas Faculty Association)