Higher Education Committee
May 7, 2002-11:00A

Interim Charge Five
    For:      Brassard, Dr. Richard G. (Texas Chiropractic College)
              Clayton, Mr. Bill (Parker College of Chiropractic)
              Dalrymple, Dr. Chris G. (Texas Chiropractic Association)
              Elliott, Dr. Shelby (Texas Chiropractic College)
              Huff, Dr. Lew (Texas Chiropractic College)
              Mooney, Ms. Sandra (Texas Chiropractic College)
    On:       Boutwell, Dr. Ken (MGT of America, Inc.)
              Flack, Ms. Teri (Texas Higher Education Coordinating
              Vaughn, Dr. Cynthia (Texas Board of Chiropractic

Interim Charge Four
    On:       Diebel, Mr. Phil (The University of North Texas System)
              Green, Mr. Kelton M. (State Auditor's Office)
              Harris, Mr. Randy (The University of Houston System)
              Jackson, Mr. Ronald W. (Texas Cooperative Extension and
                   Texas Wildlife Damage Management Service)
              Kale, Mr. Tom (The Texas A&M University System)
              Kennedy, Mr. Kerry (The University of Texas System
              Lynch, Mr. Steve (The University of Texas Health Science
                   Center at San Antonio)
              McCalland, Mr. Mike (Texas Agricultural Experiment
              Revill, Mr. Lawrence E. (The University of Texas Medical
                   Branch at Galveston)
              Rose, Mr. Tony (State Auditor's Office)
              Slade, President Priscilla (Texas Southern University)
              Urbanovsky, Chancellor Lamar (Texas State University
              Wiggins, Mr. Quintin (Texas Southern University)